Business Intelligence Framework


  • Dedicated Account Manager for your all concerns and queries
  • Certified Tax Agent to represent you in FTA
  • 24/7 Customer Support Helpline
  • Qualified VAT accountants and industry experts


  • Quality check of your business transactions at every step by a qualified accountant as per FTA articles and IFRS rules
  • Eliminates manual, time-consuming transaction processes and reduces the reliance on key team members understanding the VAT compliance process
  • Application is designed in a way which helps reduce your 90% of your efforts DgTx application’s reporting tool includes built-in reports and that are fully integrated for reconciliation, tax return preparation and audit defense
Supporting Documents (Sales & Purchase Invoices) Customer is contacted for any proof of entry, missing document or clarification Points of Quality Check
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Entry
  • Invoice Format
  • Amount Accuracy
  • Appropriate VAT Rating
  • Imports / Exports Treatment
  • Deemed Supplies Treatment
  • Free Zone and Designated Zone Treatment
  • FTA Portal Data Upload QC


  • Business on cloud
  • Integrated Accounting tools for your business decisions
  • Inventory Management on a click
  • Point of Sale with no additional cost
  • Automated financial reports on a go
  • Snap and Post feature which saves your 90% time
DgTx Cloud-based Point of SaleDgTx cloud-based POS system provides sophisticated and detailed sales reports. The DgTx POS lets you analyze sales in different ways, such as by SKU (item sold), time periods, promotions, by store if you have more than one, or even by salesperson.
The application provides:
  • Interactive Dashboard with Graphs
  • Receivable / Payable Reports
  • Best / Worst Selling Items
  • Income & Expense Reports
  • Inventory Management
  • Simple Sales & Purchase recording
  • Integrated Point of Sale software
  • Customers, Suppliers, Item
  • Payment entries
  • Financial Reporting


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