DgTx Business Intelligence Framework

DgTx Business Intelligence Framework


  • Account manager for all your VAT queries and concerns.
  • Certified Tax Agent to represent you in FTA
  • Team of certified accountant and auditors and Industry experts.
  • Dedicated Helpline to support customer
  • Team of accountant who can visit your office to outsource your accounting work.


  • Quality check of your business transactions at every step by a qualified accountant as per FTA articles and IFRS rules
  • Eliminates manual, time-consuming transaction processes and reduces the reliance on key team members understanding the VAT compliance process
  • Application is designed in a way which helps reduce your 90% of your efforts
  • DgTx application’s reporting tool includes built-in reports and that are fully integrated for reconciliation, tax return preparation and audit defense.


  • Cloud based accounting software.
  • Android and IOS based mobile application.
  • Integrated Accounting tools for financial reporting and decision making
  • Inventory Management
  • Point of Sale with no additional cost
  • Automated financial reports on a go.
  • Snap and Post feature to save your time and energy.